A New Jaws

Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, is considered by many to be the most well known shark film ever created, the other being Anthony C. Ferrante’s infamous SharknadoDespite being a masterpiece in its own respect, there are some things that the movie Jaws lacked. This film has a famous poster that nearly anyone would recognize even without the giant red text at the top that gives away the title. However, this poster is rather bland. One must take into consideration the fact that this movie was released in 1975, therefore, the poster should not be judged by today’s standards. Nonetheless, the marketing for the film is still missing something. Since the film is considered a gruesome thriller I believe that this theme should be implemented into the poster.

I decided to take the popular poster and alter it just a little bit to give it the thriller look that is present throughout the film. I began by taking the poster which features a large shark coming up from the depths of the ocean, a woman swimming above the shark, and large red text that announces the name of the film on a white background. Within Photoshop, I removed the boring the white background that I believe makes the poster less frightening. I then found an image of a sunset that I layered beneath the overlapping Jaws poster. To make the two images look like one, I blended both the red text and the top of the water so there was no obvious outline. To continue, I added a slight red tint to the teeth of the shark and also the water surrounding the shark to give it a more sinister atmosphere. I blended the red with the water with the blur tool so it did not look too artificial. From here, I lowered the brightness of the image so the sunset did not appear to be peaceful and beautiful, instead, giving it a sense of foreboding. I also gave more color to the image by increasing the saturation. This made the poster more noticeable and less bland. Finally, I added a filter to the image. The filter was used to sharpen a certain area of the image and very slightly blur the rest. I focused the filter on the woman swimming so attention is brought to her situation and the impending doom. The rest of the image was minimally blurred, however, just enough to focus on the woman swimming without taking away from the shark or the titular text above. In the end, the goal was to make the 1975 poster for Jaws more fitting to the theme of the movie. Therefore, I edited the poster and created my own image for the pop culture phenomenon that is Jaws.


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