Kirkhof Center Big Screen Theater

Timeline of Kirkhof advert [Personal photograph]. (2016, September 29).
Screenshot of timeline [Personal photograph taken in Mac]. (2016, September 29).

A large part of the fantastic phenomenon that is film would have to be the atmosphere. Everyone enjoys films differently, however, many enjoy viewing these movies with others. Company and comradery can be found in a movie theater, which is why many people see movies in theaters. The uproar a comedy can cause or the fear a horror film can evoke are amplified when viewed with a group. At Grand Valley State University there is a Big Screen Theater on campus. Within the Kirkhof Center, one can find themselves immersed in a theater like atmosphere for free, or rather, however much their tuition is. I decided to create somewhat of a public service announcement about this theater to inform those who may not be aware of its existence.

For this, I began by creating a storyboard to organize my extremely short film. I initially started with very few panels and worked from there. I filmed the outside of the Kirkhof Center and the gloomy sky to capture the perfect movie watching environment. From there, I then recorded the side of the building that has the name “Kirkhof Center” on the side. To continue, I filmed the entrance to the building as a means to give direction and also to further show what the building looks like. Inside the building I filmed both the poster board outside the theater and also the seating within the theater. Once I added these clips and the text to match I realized that my video was extremely short. This is where I adapted my storyboard to make my video longer. To make my video longer, I added a panel about how a dorm room or apartment are not very conducive to a movie watching environment. Further extensions were added on by sampling clips from both the Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory movie trailers, both of which have been screened at the Big Screen Theater. With my storyboard complete I complied, cut, and added transitions to the clips so it matched my storyboard. With these clips in, I added audio to my video. I took this audio, Springish by Gillicuddy, from free and placed it into my video. This is where my trouble began. The most time consuming portion of creating this video, after rendering of course, came from formatting audio. Final Cut Pro did not agree with me and fought me as I tried to time out my audio and audio transitions. Eventually I persevered, though, and finished the assignment. By the end, I had a very short advertisement for the Kirkhof Center Big Screen Theater.


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