Presence and Popularity on the Internet

Whereas many people are wary of their presence on the Internet and worried about leaving their “footprint”, being traceable on the Internet can have its benefits. Today, more than ever, employers are searching for their potential employees on the Internet and social media to dig up whatever kind of dirt, if there is any, on the person. Being present on the Internet can be extremely useful, as long as your presence is a positive one. A person must always be mindful of how they brand themselves on the Internet. A person can keep a positive image on the Internet through the use of social media, blogging, and professional tools. However, being there and being clean is not all it takes to be noticed by an employer or land a job. It can take a little more than that. Through Google, certain links and pages rank higher above others. If someone wants to brand themselves the proper way they will want to become the cream of the crop, the highest up, the most easily found. This will boost their credibility in the eyes of employers.

There are tools available that help people boost their presence and popularity on the Internet. One of these tools is known as This helpful website can be used to boost one’s presence and also remove potentially damaging search results. For example, when my name, Evan Clark, is searched the results include a “Daniel Evan Clark” who is a sex offender from Florida. With the help of BrandYourself I was able to remove these potentially damaging search results. As stated before, the tool can be used to boost sites that include you. Meaning, social media profiles, news articles, videos, and more can be boosted to appear higher up when your name is searched. I boosted both my Twitter and my Facebook. To boost my Twitter account I did two things. The first thing I did was write a more complete biography that included my name, as BrandYourself suggested. The second thing I did was include my location that  would narrow down results if I was to be searched for. For Facebook, BrandYourself boosting asked that I fill out my education experience and also work experience. If I am to rise higher on the search results, I will need to continue boosting my related links.


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