Manageable Media: Ins and Outs of Tweetdeck

Clark, E. K. (2016, November 2). [My Tweetdeck page].
It can be said that social media is extremely prevalent today. The extent of this has almost reached the point to where it is not manageable. Specifically with Twitter, one’s feed can grow to the point where the user is overwhelmed with a barrage of tweets, retweets, hashtags, and ads. As enjoyable and useful as social media is, it can be hard to manage if it gets to this point. Personally, my Twitter feed is overrun by all kinds of content regarding movies and film, friends, and public relations. When I joined PRSSA, Public Relations Student Society of America, Twitter was used as the main source of information and content sharing. With a large amount of hashtags and people to follow, it became difficult to keep track. I was lost until a fellow member of PRSSA introduced me to Tweetdeck. This free online service is very helpful for keeping track of what happens on your feed. During PRSSA meetings, I keep Tweetdeck open with three or four columns open with hashtags such as #PRWednesday, #GRsocialchat, and my home page.

For this assignment, we were required to use Tweetdeck in a way that I never have. Another feature that is available for users is the option to schedule a tweet. The assignment called for 5 scheduled tweets using #CAP105GVSU. Scheduling a tweet is very simple. All it takes is to start writing a new tweet, then click schedule, then choose a date and time that this tweet will be sent out. After this, the work is done. Tweetdeck will send out that tweet at the date and time that it was scheduled for. Simple as that. If someone has a lot of content to send out, but, doesn’t want to release it all at once they can use Tweetdeck to send it out at different times.


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