Business Branding: InDesign

Clark, E. K. (2016, November 14). [InDesign Screenshot].
Developing a personal brand is a staple in today’s professional realm. Everyone has a brand, whether they are aware of it or not. The way one presents themselves, their skills, and their attributes are all things that become a part of a brand. A title can bolster the credibility and validity of someone’s brand. Creating a business card is the perfect way to make your brand known and tangible by having it on a solid card. Many positions in the work force recommend or even require the person to have a business card. So why not get an early start and brand yourself through a business card right now? That is exactly what we did in CAP 105 at Grand Valley State University.

Clark, E. K. (2016, November 14). [Business Card Front].
We were asked to create a business card of our own through the use of Adobe InDesign. With this card, your personal brand is supposed to be shown somehow. If I am to be honest, InDesign is not the most user friendly program. After some playing around with shapes, text, and the many other tools available, I was able to begin working on my business card. The first thing I did was incorporate my favorite color, orange. I put two columns of the color on either side of the card to frame the card. Furthermore, the color orange has a certain character to it. It is a “warm” color on the color spectrum, which I believe represents how I can also be considered “warm” and friendly. Moving on from the color, a business card is just modern art without some form of text or information printed on it. Most importantly, I put my name in the middle of the card, using the largest font size. With the name established, I continued to supply more information about my brand and who I am. “Public Relations Major” and “Spanish Minor” are the most prevalent titles I would apply to myself, currently. This also helps build my brand as a social person by showing that I am studying in the School of Communications and also pursuing the study of a foreign language. Next, I provided another title that established my credibility as a social person. For the past two years and three months I have been a sales associate at Banana Republic Factory Store. This position requires a lot of communication between coworkers and also customers, furthering my established brand as a social person.

Clark, E. K. (2016, November 14). [Business Card Back].
Lastly, what is the point of having a business card if the recipients have no way of contacting you? I tackled this on the back of my business card where I listed my phone number, email, and Twitter handle. The last way  to contact me may be slightly unorthodox for a business card, however, it does build my social brand even more. Therefore, with my card, my brand is visible and recognizable.


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