Perusing Possibilities: Finding Jobs on LinkedIn

It is safe to assume that, on average, people “waste” a lot of time on social media. It might be that you are scrolling through dozens of tweets on Twitter, liking your grandma’s status on Facebook, or double tapping your bestie’s selfie on Instagram. Maybe it’s all three, which just shows how often we use social media. Now, some people say that this has a negative impact, which it may. However, is social media has its many benefits, one being the ability to find a job. Let’s look at how social media has innovated the way we can discover jobs within our careers.

LinkedIn [Digital image]. (n.d.). Retrieved October 28, 2016, from
Social media sites are forms of technology that has sucked us into the void, without a doubt, and at this point there is no way to escape. So why not use it in a more productive manner? LinkedIn is one platform that has changed the professional world. This form of social media has made it much easier for professionals to stay in contact with each other, discover jobs, employees, and employers. Through the use of this “professional Facebook” of sorts, I was quickly able to find a handful of employment opportunities. This took only about thirty minutes to gather a long list of potential jobs. LinkedIn makes it extremely easy to filter out the type of job that is being searched for. The positions I found fall within the realm of Public Relations and Communications. As a PR major at Grand Valley, I found it very interesting to take a a look at all the possibilities within my field.


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