Something About Infographics

Tired of looking at boring graphs and stats? How about those lame “wikiHow“s that make you read paragraph after paragraph about how to tie a shoe? They can get boring and sometimes long winded. Fear not, though, for I am about to introduce you to a whole new world of information sharing. Infographics! Filled with fun little icons, shapes, and simple visuals an infographic will become the life of the meeting. An infographic is an appealing visual that shows the basics about information. Easy to make and pleasing to the eye, making infographics is a priceless skill that take minutes to learn. However, infographics do have their downfalls. They may be fun to look at, yet, they are not very in-depth. If you are looking to share information and numbers in an important meeting maybe back up your infographic with a handout that has more detailed statistics and information than is shown on the infographic.

Clark, E. K. (2016, December 5). About Me Infographic [Digital image].
Shown above is an example of an infographic about me. It’s bright and fun to look at. It has some information about me on display, but, it obviously isn’t a biography about my life. To create this infographic, I used Piktochart. It took a few minutes to learn how to use with easy navigation and fun customization. I provided anyone who views this with a little information about me, such as my interests, what I spend my time doing, and a couple fun facts about me. I incorporated my favorite color, just like I did with my business card I made through InDesign. More information about me included that I’m currently a freshman in college and my birthday. Although fun, this visual doesn’t tell everything about my life. You would have to ask me for more information.


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