Finally Finals

The end of the semester is finally upon us. The last week is coming to a close and so are finals. Students all across campus are huffing and puffing with relief as they walk out of the classroom for the last time this semester, taking massive amounts of knowledge with them. CAP 220, Fundamentals of... Continue Reading →


Tools for Social Media Management

If you have ever had to manage social media, and I don't mean posting that selfie on Instagram, you know that it can be very intensive. Using social media as a PR utensil involves content, planning, and proper execution. It is a time consuming duty that is nearly essential in public relations today as it... Continue Reading →


A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Although I am only a sophomore I was eager to take this chance and run with it. Despite costing an arm and a leg, I enjoyed the experience as it motivated me as... Continue Reading →

Curious Cosmo Cancer Crisis

Throughout 2017 alone we have seen multiple massive public relations crises. From Pepsi's terrible approach to diversity and protest to an airline physically assaulting one of their customers. One crisis that is a little less known comes from the lifestyle magazine known as Cosmopolitan. Although it is not as publicized, it is still a crisis... Continue Reading →

Research? In Public Relations?

It isn't as crazy as you think. It's actually very crucial. Research in public relations is the difference from talking to your audience and communicating with your audience. It helps us better understand our clients. It helps us identify our clients problem and figure out how to fix it. Defined by Don Stacks in his... Continue Reading →

What Do You Know… About PR

The world of marketing communications is constantly flowing at a rapid rate. Because of this it is difficult for a person, brand, or even idea to stay relevant and connected to the masses. Essentially, public relations is relating to the public. Yeah that does sound pretty redundant, but it's the truth. Despite being romanticized on... Continue Reading →

Google Analytics and Me

Before this fall, I had never heard of personal branding. This changed drastically ever since I became an Advertising and Public Relations major at Grand Valley. Personal branding is crucial in this field, as knowing your brand and selling your brand to build your network is a huge part of APR. For me, my personal... Continue Reading →

Networking – PRSSA

I believe that I have met more people in the past four months than I did in a whole year back home. In my first semester at Grand Valley State University, my personal rolodex has grown immensely. I owe most of this growth to the Public Relations Student Society of America. On September 7th of... Continue Reading →

Networking – Healthcare PR

As an Advertising and Public Relations major at Grand Valley State University, all I ever hear is network, network, network. The importance of networking is emphasized in all of my CAP classes. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of networking is "the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically:┬áthe cultivation of... Continue Reading →

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