Something About Infographics

Tired of looking at boring graphs and stats? How about those lame "wikiHow"s that make you read paragraph after paragraph about how to tie a shoe? They can get boring and sometimes long winded. Fear not, though, for I am about to introduce you to a whole new world of information sharing. Infographics! Filled with... Continue Reading →


Perusing Possibilities: Finding Jobs on LinkedIn

It is safe to assume that, on average, people "waste" a lot of time on social media. It might be that you are scrolling through dozens of tweets on Twitter, liking your grandma's status on Facebook, or double tapping your bestie's selfie on Instagram. Maybe it's all three, which just shows how often we use... Continue Reading →

Business Branding: InDesign

Developing a personal brand is a staple in today's professional realm. Everyone has a brand, whether they are aware of it or not. The way one presents themselves, their skills, and their attributes are all things that become a part of a brand. A title can bolster the credibility and validity of someone's brand. Creating... Continue Reading →

Presence and Popularity on the Internet

Whereas many people are wary of their presence on the Internet and worried about leaving their "footprint", being traceable on the Internet can have its benefits. Today, more than ever, employers are searching for their potential employees on the Internet and social media to dig up whatever kind of dirt, if there is any, on... Continue Reading →

Kirkhof Center Big Screen Theater

A large part of the fantastic phenomenon that is film would have to be the atmosphere. Everyone enjoys films differently, however, many enjoy viewing these movies with others. Company and comradery can be found in a movie theater, which is why many people see movies in theaters. The uproar a comedy can cause or the... Continue Reading →

A New Jaws

Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, is considered by many to be the most well known shark film ever created, the other being Anthony C. Ferrante's infamous Sharknado.  Despite being a masterpiece in its own respect, there are some things that the movie Jaws lacked. This film has a famous poster that nearly anyone would recognize... Continue Reading →

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