What Do You Know… About PR

The world of marketing communications is constantly flowing at a rapid rate. Because of this it is difficult for a person, brand, or even idea to stay relevant and connected to the masses. Essentially, public relations is relating to the public. Yeah that does sound pretty redundant, but it's the truth. Despite being romanticized on... Continue Reading →


Google Analytics and Me

Before this fall, I had never heard of personal branding. This changed drastically ever since I became an Advertising and Public Relations major at Grand Valley. Personal branding is crucial in this field, as knowing your brand and selling your brand to build your network is a huge part of APR. For me, my personal... Continue Reading →

Business Branding: InDesign

Developing a personal brand is a staple in today's professional realm. Everyone has a brand, whether they are aware of it or not. The way one presents themselves, their skills, and their attributes are all things that become a part of a brand. A title can bolster the credibility and validity of someone's brand. Creating... Continue Reading →

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