Networking – PRSSA

I believe that I have met more people in the past four months than I did in a whole year back home. In my first semester at Grand Valley State University, my personal rolodex has grown immensely. I owe most of this growth to the Public Relations Student Society of America. On September 7th of... Continue Reading →


Perusing Possibilities: Finding Jobs on LinkedIn

It is safe to assume that, on average, people "waste" a lot of time on social media. It might be that you are scrolling through dozens of tweets on Twitter, liking your grandma's status on Facebook, or double tapping your bestie's selfie on Instagram. Maybe it's all three, which just shows how often we use... Continue Reading →

Kirkhof Center Big Screen Theater

A large part of the fantastic phenomenon that is film would have to be the atmosphere. Everyone enjoys films differently, however, many enjoy viewing these movies with others. Company and comradery can be found in a movie theater, which is why many people see movies in theaters. The uproar a comedy can cause or the... Continue Reading →

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